examples of counselling issues


Self esteem

How do you relate to your self? Is there room for improvement? Are there issues from your past or in the present which need to be resolved?


Bullying doesn't just happen in the playground, bullying can occur in all kinds of situations from the workplace, to institutions, authority figures and inside your own home. 

Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic events come in all shapes and sizes such as environmental catastrophe, accidents, neglect or in the form of abuse over a short or long period of time. 


Depression often feels physically  exhausting and mentally confusing. Like a heavy fog it can seem as though there is no way through to a lighter and happier you.


The number one mental health issue of our times, anxiety can leave you feeling awkward, uncertain, fearing the worst and unprepared. 

Loss of purpose

When 'life happens' our confidence gets knocked. We may feel that we are blame, that life has no meaning and that we have nothing to offer.